Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, LLC (RLW) was awarded the I-80 Summit Park Bridge replacement by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) in March, 2011.

Both the eastbound and west bound bridges over Aspen Drive near Summit Park were replaced with more efficient single-span bridges. The Summit Park bridges span a busy commuter corridor between Park City and Salt Lake City. RLW’s award winning Accelerated Bridge Replacement methods were used for this important UDOT project, which resulted in fewer traffic interruptions and a much safer environment for both workers and commuters.

To accomplish this, most of the project was built around the old bridges, including the new bridges themselves, which were constructed next to the old bridges. The new structures were built using lightweight concrete, to reduce the weight without compromising the over-all safety and quality of the bridges. Because of space constraints, RLW used a micropile system, which is an innovative way to support the weight of the new structures and prevent settling without having to remove the old bridges first. Then when everything was in place, the old bridges were removed and the new ones slid into place. The bridge slides were done over-night on the weekends to prevent traffic interruptions, and were completed in just one night per bridge.

The new bridges are of higher quality, more efficient, safer, and more durable with a 75-year design life. RLW incorporated a new de-icing system called Cargill SafeLane, which is placed over the asphalt and releases a de-icing solution as needed. This lowers the cost of salt trucks and increases the safety for commuters on these beautiful mountain-pass bridges by preventing ice from even forming in most conditions.

The Summit Park project is an aesthetically pleasing intersection, with wildlife murals along the abutments and beautiful and environmentally-conscious landscaping. The project also includes a new wildlife crossing under the bridges and improved pedestrian mobility, making this intersection safer and more convenient for commuters, animals, and pedestrians alike.