Ralph L Wadsworth Construction places nothing higher than protecting its people from injury. RLW Construction is an industry leader in its approach and diligence in creating and maintaining an injury free culture environment on every RLW project site. Our commitment to safety can be easily seen in our tremendous safety record as it annually ranks significantly better than our industry average. But more importantly our commitment to safety can be observed every hour of every day within the work habits and practices of our people.


Each day and each task begins with the application and focus of these risk reduction and control practices:

      • Focused Task Safety Planning
      • Hazard Recognition
      • Hazard Control
      • Safety Accountability


RLW Executive management, Project management, Site supervision, and each member of the RLW team are uniquely involved in contributing to the RLW safety culture. This involvement encompasses regular safety training, pre-task safety planning, daily safety meeting attendance, site safety inspections from all levels of the company, and a comprehensive incident review process. In total we recognize that there is not a higher value in protecting our people and we are committed to this pursuit.


Since UDOT began tracking contractor safety ratings in 2000, Ralph L. Wadsworth has consistently scored among the best in the State.  Our average score across all our projects from 2000 to today is 92 out of 100.  We have also been recognized regularly throughout the years by the Associated General Contractors of Utah with their Platinum Safety Award, their highest award recognizing companies that perform at least 25% better than the industry average.

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Here’s what just a few of them have said about working here:

“My job is always interesting.  We are always coming up with new concepts and new ideas on how to build our projects.  My experience at Ralph Wadsworth has been 100% positive.  They are always there for you professionally and personally”

Wayne Bowden, Project Manager – hired in 1989

“Great people and great jobs.  Wadsworth has given me a lot of experience and opportunities to learn.  They’ll give anyone the opportunity to step up if they really want to.”

Javier Alvarado, Foreman – hired in 1993

“The diversity of our employees who come to the table to accomplish a project is what sets us apart from our competitors.  The Wadsworths have been really compassionate to me and my family.  They understand that we are responsible for each other’s livelihood and reward well for hard work.”

Gaylen Stewart, Construction Manager – hired in 1984

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