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Photo Gallery

Sugarhouse 2100 South

This project is a complex effort removing just 70,000 square feet of the 125,000 square that was the old home of Granite Furniture  in Sugarhouse while leaving the rest standing.  The original building consists of  basement space and three above grade levels and was built in the 1920’s.  The remaining 65,000 square feet  has to brought up to current seismic codes and we are currently providing a  “face-lift” to the whole building.  The basement will be used for storage while the main level will be readied for the arrival of “trendy” food establishments and shops, with the first restaurant slated to open in November 2012. The second story level will be utilized as office space.

Project Owner –  Boulder Ventures.  Project value is 4.7 million and

Project Managers – Valerie Wallace & Joel Eberhard.

Project Superintendent – Eric Lee.

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