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SR 24 202L to Ellsworth, Arizona


SR24 202L to Ellsworth is a $71.5 million 18 months Joint venture with Banicki construction in the  Mesa, Arizona area.  The project consists of two large flyover structures totaling over 6000 linear feet as well as two box-beam, post-tensioned bridges, two large girder bridges, twelve retaining walls, four box culverts and includes one bridge widening.  This project is scheduled to take 18 months with substantial completion slated for the end of 2013.

Completing this job will require 1.5 million cubic yards borrow, 1 million cubic yards of excavation and embankment, 200,000 cubic yards of topsoil import/ 15,000 linear feet of drainage pipe and 170,000 square yards of concrete paving.

This is a fast-paced project with many unique challenges such as temperatures over 115 degrees, new project owners and partners, and a brand new local workforce of 75+ craft workers.

The Acting Project Manager is Wayne Bowden.  Bryan Jensen, Jordan Taylor, and Daniel Ruiz are the Project Engineers.  Superintendents currently on the job are  Thomas Haroldsen, Brad Howlett, Kent Price, Eric Lee and Abel Gonzalez.

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