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Photo Gallery

Silver Bowl and Archery Weir – Las Vegas, Nevada

These 2 separate weirs were located in the Las Vegas Wash river-way immediately adjacent to the Clark County Wetlands Park.   The wash, sometimes called and “urban river”, is a 12 mile long channel which feeds most of Las Vegas Valley’s excess water into Lake Mead.

An important aspect of the Las Vegas Wash is the management of its flow and the stabilization of its channel.  Before Las Vegas expanded so rapidly, the natural flows of the wash created expansive wetlands.  As development of the city increased, so did the amount of water that flowed in the wash.

The flow began to cut into the soil and create deep channels.  The wetland plants were washed away as were much of the water cleaning properties.  To restore the wetlands and the wash’s function, RLW installed over 45,000 square feet of steel sheet-pile through the wash to act as weirs.  Installed through the river-way and down to bedrock, the sheet-pile walls were then covered with concrete.  Once completed, the wall serves to slow down the water thereby reducing erosion and allowing essential wetland plants and wildlife to flourish.

The wall was installed using a Manitowoc 12000 crane, an Ice 4450 vibratory hammer, and a HD-110 to pre-drill a channel into the bedrock.  Working closely with Las Vegas Paving, the project’s General Contractor, RLW completed its work several weeks ahead of schedule.

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