Leadership Team

 Brandon Squire

Brandon Squire, President/Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Squire’s areas of expertise include working with design and construction teams to ensure quality on behalf of project owners, addressing public stakeholder concerns, developing and implementing maintenance of traffic plans, scheduling and managing subcontractors.  As a previous Construction Manager, Resident Engineer, and Design Engineer for UDOT, Brandon has direct knowledge of DOT’s preferences and owner issues He is very experienced in creating innovative solutions to solve complex geotechnical, structural, and construction phasing challenges.  This same innovative approach to problem solving makes Brandon the ideal choice to focus on business development and other strategic initiatives to best position RLW for continued success in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Tod Wadsworth, Executive Vice President

As Vice President of Business Development for Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, Tod Wadsworth has spent the past few years successfully launching and overseeing the Pile Driving/Shoring and Commercial divisions of the company.  Both of these disciplines have grown steadily under Tod’s direction.  Tod has shown his ability to incorporate cost saving techniques on a variety of shoring and commercial projects by putting his knowledge of construction to work and through his uncompromising commitment to his clients. Tod is also responsible for designing and installing the RLW aesthetic features on many of our projects.  Quality is one of RLW’s core values and Tod demonstrates this on each project he is involved with.  Tod’s original mural designs and artistic features can be seen on many structures throughout Utah.  He especially enjoys the design-build aspect of aesthetic treatments in designing a conceptual theme that represents the community for which the project is being built.


 Wayne Leader

Wayne Bowden, VP/Senior Project Executive

Wayne Bowden joined the RLW team in 1989 and brings 26 years of construction experience to his management of logistical challenges on our complex projects.  Working with RLW’s management team, he helps to ensure quality, on-time delivery of critical project tasks.  Wayne has built a solid reputation for keeping large, complex teams moving forward to meet critical path tasks and operational milestones. Through his decisive leadership and drive for success, Wayne has consistently met schedules and budgets while providing quality projects.  Wayne excels at working with project owners, project managers, government agencies, subcontractors and the impacted public to proactively identify and address issues that arise. He is an asset at public meetings and understands the need of working with special interest groups affected by construction projects. Wayne has a solid background and strong knowledge of the design-build and CMGC project delivery processes and has coordinated all aspects of design and successfully managed construction of utility, roadway, railway, and structure improvements

Gubler.JPG RetouchResize

Scott Gubler, Director of Operations

In his nine prior years with RLW, Scott Gubler has become known an as one of our most capable and experienced project managers. His skill in operations management has helped RLW deliver some of our most complex projects on time and within budget on a company-wide scale. Scott’s experience on these projects has made him an ideal hands-on Director of Operations with the skills to overcome challenges early in the construction process. Before RLW begins a project, Scott provides leadership and direction on nearly every aspect of the project – from scheduling and cost control to resource planning and allocation. In his 21 years of construction experience, Scott has built a reputation amongst owners and designers alike for his unique ability to solve potential challenges during the preconstruction stage. Scott oversees the estimating and scheduling process, as well as the development of design and constructability solutions and ensures that RLW’s standards and processes are applied across all projects to ensure successful completion.


Tolley Leadership (46)

Brian Tolley, Piling and Shoring Division Manager

Brian Tolley is a seasoned and dedicated construction professional with over 22 years in the construction industry.  Starting as a laborer while in high school, he has worked through the ranks, gaining experience in most every aspect of construction.  He has worked as a carpenter, cement mason, superintendent, estimator, project engineer and project manager.  As the Piling and Shoring Division Manager for RLW, Brian oversees the design and construction of every deep foundation, earth retention and soil stabilization project performed by RLW.  The majority of shoring systems in which RLW is involved are design-build and Brian works closely with RLW’s design team to ensure that each individual project has the specific system that bests fit the job.  Often, different systems are required on the same project depending on the slope, soil stability, work space and accessibility.  He is well versed in a large variety of techniques including Shotcrete, Soil Nailing, Tiebacks, Sheet Piling, H-Piling, Round Piling, Solider Pile & Lagging, Micropiles, Drilled Shafts, Concentric Drilling and Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piles.  With his full breadth of experience, Brian is practiced at finding safe, innovative, and cost effective solutions to solve difficult deep foundation, earth-retention and soil stabilization challenges.

Mike Durham

Mike Durham, Director of Human Capital

Mike joined the team 2006 and carries more than 17 years of Human Resource Management experience. His varied experience as an HR Generalist has included design and implementation of HR policies, processes and procedures for a number of mid-sized to large companies.  Mike oversees all RLW Human Capital operations including the recruiting and selection, performance management, training and development, and compliance as well as design and implementation of RLW’s employee benefit plans. He also manages cultural initiatives, diversity committees and our wellness committee.  Mike serves as the Corporate Equal Employment Opportunity Officer and works to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to provide opportunities for all RLW employees to grow and develop their careers in an environment of mutual respect.