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Jordan Station Apartments Parking Garages

This project involved the design and construction of 2 podium slab buildings broken up into 4 phases of construction with apartments being built on top of the parking structures. We were able to Value Engineer with the architect and structural engineer the footings and wall sizes to make the project match the anticipated budget from the owner.

We did our own design of the wall panel forms and then had our crews build the forming system rather than rent the items. We save a considerable amount of money doing this and we will be able use the forms over and over again.

We were able to keep ahead of the framer on this project and completed it 4 months ahead of schedule. The Abel Gonzales crew was a significant reason that his happened. Able has the ability to focus his talents on keeping the crew headed in the right direction and he foresees problems before they arise making for a much smother job.

We were also responsible for the site utility and excavation work on this project.

Location: South Jordan, Ut

Owner: SJ Development Utah

Project Manager: George B Smith

Superintendent: Abel Gonzales

Project Engineer: Justin Hanson

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