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I-15 – Payson Interchange to Spanish Fork River

The Payson Project is a $22 million design build project with 7 months to design and construct the widening of 6.5 miles of I-15 including the widening of 8 structures.  This fast paced project started in March and is scheduled to be complete by the end of September 2013.  The pavement and structures will be widened into the existing median, adding 18 feet both north bound and south bound to accommodate an extra lane and wider inside shoulder.  The existing structures will have minor rehabilitation done to the columns, bent caps and girders.

Additional features included in this project are:  Noise walls on east side through Payson, ATMS system including addition of traffic cameras, upgrading of signing to meet current standards, and replacement of traffic barrier systems throughout the project.

The Project Manager is Betty Purdie-Alvez, Construction Manager is Bryce Jaynes, Project Engineer is Derek Harames, and Quality Control Manager is Paul Anderson.

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