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I-15 Layton Interchange

The South Layton Project is a $61 million design build project located near the Kaysville/Layton border. The project manger is Brandon Squire, construction manager is Scott Gubler, structures manager is Richard Evans, and the project coordinator is Sherry Michelson.

The project consists of constructing a new Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) between the Kaysville 200 North Exit and the Layton Hill Field Road Exit. Nearly 2 miles of I-15 will be widened to accommodate the extension of the HOV lane north. A new road named Layton Parkway will be constructed to create a new East/West urban arterial that connects Fort Lane to Flint Street. This new road will require the construction of a new bridge over I-15 and a new bridge over the UPRR/UTA railroad tracks. The bridge over I-15 will utilize Accelerated Bridge Construction techniques to construct the bridge adjacent to the final location and “launched” into place. This will be the first multi-span bridge to use this technique in Utah.

Currently, we are nearly 100% complete with design and construction is well underway. The existing MainStreetBridge was successfully demolished and traffic opened back up on I-15 in a record 5 hours. Stone Columns are being installed at each bridge abutment location to help prevent liquefaction during an earthquake. The construction of the MSE retaining walls is beginning along with the pile driving for the new bridge foundations. Most of the utilities are in the process of being relocated and upgraded. Construction should be complete by Thanksgiving of this year.

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