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The I-15 CORE Project is a 3-year $1.1 Billion Dollar Project widening and updating I-15 corridor being performed by Provo River Constructors (PRC), a joint venture of Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction, Fluor, Ames and Wadsworth Brothers Cnstruction.  The project consists of reconstructing 24 miles of roadway, with up to 7 lanes in each direction, 80 structures, and 4 of which have been constructed utilizing ABC technology.

To date PRC has constructed over a million sq. ft. of MSE Walls, poured nearly 3 Million sq. yards of Concrete Paving, Placed 2 1/4 Million cubic yards of Granular Borrow and Untreated Base Course, Constructed 240,000 sq. ft. of shoring walls, Driven 51 miles of pipe pile, H pile, and sheet piling, Placed 14,650,000 LBS of Structural Steel, During peak construction I-15 CORE Project employed over 1700 People,

The RLW Team consists of Con Wadsworth as Principal, Wayne Bowden, and Bryce Jaynes in Project Management roles, and Kelly Steeves as Concrete Paving Manager, as well as a number of other managers, project engineers, crew leaders, and craft workers that have us poised to deliver the largest roadway project in Utah’s history ahead of schedule and under budget.

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