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Dixie Drive Interchange

Dixie Drive Interchange is a 60 million dollar CMGC project. We are constructing a new SPI (Single Point Interchange) bridge over I-15, 4 new bridges over the Santa Clara River, and a bridge over Convention Center Drive. We are also constructing a new Dixie Drive alignment through the Southgate Golf Course. We are relocating/reconfiguring the front 9 holes of Southgate G.C. to accommodate the new road. We are also realigning the Black Ridge and Indian Hills intersections. The project also includes a 2,500 foot long sheet pile scour protection wall, and 2 large box culverts.

The project has been designed and released as 4 severable packages. Packages A & B have been awarded to Washington County Constructors, package C is currently being bid, and package D is still in design.

Washington County Constructors is a joint Venture of Ralph L. Wadsworth and Granite Construction, RLW being the primary partner.

WCC was awarded the design/consultation CMGC contract in July of 2009. We have been actively working on design since that time. Construction started in June of 2010, an id projected to be complete in April of 2012.

Project Manager: Scott Wiscombe

Project Engineers: Bryan Jensen and Jordan Taylor

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