Heavy Highway

Innovation is the key to our success – the attribute that sets us apart from our competitors. From the beautiful, eye-catching concrete murals on freeway interchanges to new techniques in bridge construction, the Ralph L. Wadsworth Team finds new ways to deliver projects; and always with an eye towards quality. Our approach to each project is one of efficiency, economy, and ingenuity.

Each project presents new opportunities for creative delivery methods. Projects are evaluated on a number of categories including quality, constructability, value to the client, schedule savings and budget. Our customers depend on us to build the best projects possible and we take that role seriously. The Ralph L. Wadsworth Team finds numerous ways to add value to each project for our clients.

Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company works within many types of contract delivery methods including design-build and construction management/general contractor (CMGC). Working with the entire project team – designer, client, and contractor – offers us many opportunities to add innovative construction processes and value into each project.

I-15 Layton Interchange

The South Layton Project is a $61 million design build project located near the Kaysville/Layton border. The project manger is Brandon Squire, construction manager is Scott Gubler, structures manager is Richard Evans, and the project coordinator is Sherry Michelson. The …

I-80 State Street to 1300 East- 2008

This CMGC project will utilize Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) techniques to reduce construction time and traffic flow delays. After the pre-fabrication of nine new bridges, each bridge replacements will take less than a week to move into place. This will …