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2014 Project Manager of the Year – AGC of Utah

Congrats to RLW’s George Smith for being selected as the 2014 Project Manager of the Year by the Associated General Contractors of Utah.  The award is in recognition for his team’s work on the Boyer 102 Parking Structure Project.

In his 27 years of construction experience, George has earned his reputation as a skilled and seasoned project manager by completing projects on-time and within budget. He is experienced in coordinating with design team members during the pre-construction phase, ensuring that the team evaluates all innovations, value engineering options, and constructability solutions. A demonstration of his skill, integrity, and responsibility, he has added value to each project that he has overseen in the past few years by developing schedule efficiencies, working with designers on value engineering solutions, and enhancing quality.

George has demonstrated skill, integrity, and responsibility in his recent projects by going well above owner expectations to find cost and schedule efficiencies. During construction of the Boyer 102 Parking Garage earlier this year, George collaborated with the owner, architect, and engineer to perform value engineering. He helped the team increase functional parking space by moving the ramp from the side of the structure to the middle. The cost savings that resulted from this change allowed the owner to add an additional level of parking to the structure. This project also required an accelerated construction schedule. George helped the team design a beam and slab panelized system for suspended form work. This allowed the RLW to complete suspended concrete construction in just over three months. Due to delays in the building permitting process, the team was forced to delay the start of construction and revise the schedule to perform critical work activities during winter months. George tirelessly oversaw the efforts of the RLW team to bring the project back on schedule. Not a single day of scheduled concrete pours was missed, despite the cold winter conditions, and RLW was able to deliver the project on time.

During construction of the NorthPointe Parking Structure for TruNorth Development, LLC, George once again worked with owner and design team to provide value engineering and redesign the structure from precast to cast-in-place. He collaborated to help design a post-tension deck system that incorporated slab bands to spread out column spacing and relieve congestion in the structure. In total, RLW’s value engineering efforts reduced project costs by $1.2 million. George worked diligently and quickly to provide a full design package that was submitted and approved by the city in only 40 days.

George added value to the recent Cherry Creek Parking Structure project for DPC Development by maintaining accessibility to this active site during construction, and by developing constructability solutions. He helped identify and refine solutions to use native soils and make improvements to the substructure that helped this project achieve an 18% cost savings.

These examples illustrate the sense of responsibility and integrity that George takes in each project, not only during construction, but for total value in project delivery. He brings a ‘can do’ attitude to each project, along with an eagerness to find new and improved ways to design and construction buildings.

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